Volvic water is always improving environmental performance in production.

Production represents only 10% of our carbon footprint in France; we make great efforts to optimize production with consideration for the environment.

At the Source

Since 1963 we have been managing our water source in the most sustainable way. The objective is to protect water quality and quantity for future generations.

Volvic bottles only 15% of the natural flow of the resource, and respects seasonal fluctuations. The annual quantities Volvic will bottle for sales are determined by expert hydrogeologists.

During the Transport

Volvic actively favors the use of clean transport such as rail and maritime versus road transport. On the European continent, by 2012 Volvic aims to have 65% of the shipments by rail. When shipping to North America; Volvic uses maritime transport.

At the Factory

Volvic’s plant has taken the following steps to reduce its environmental impact :

- Plant and waste management process has been improved: in 2010, 95% of the waste was recycled or valorized.
- Reducing industrial water consumption by using the most efficient bottling technology possible.
- In 2008 Volvic saw these efforts rewarded and obtained a ISO 14001 certification for environmental management.