100% Recyclable Materials

PET is a 100% recyclable material therefore our bottles are 100% recyclable. Each year, we are working on reducing more and more our environment impact.

Check to see if facilities exist in your area and help us to recycle!


For Volvic, the Eco Conception is very simple like RRR.
- Reduce: Volvic has decreased the amount of plastic used by up to 6.5% since 2007.
- Recycle: All Volvic bottes are 100% recyclable
- Re-use: Volvic bottles have been produced with 25% of recycled PET since 2008

Recycled Plastic (r-PET)

R-PET (Recycled PET) results from recycling collected PET bottles. PET and r-PET are completely safe food-contact materials, approved by the U.S. Food and drug administration (FDA).

Volvic is reducing its packaging carbon footprint, in part by introducing recycled PET. Volvic was the first global natural spring water brand to produce bottles using 25% of r-PET in 2008.

Reduced Plastic Weight

Volvic has reduced plastic weight by 6.5% since 2007.