Drink 1 Give 10 Purpose

Volvic’s “Drink 1, Give 10” is a campaign originally created to bring safe drinking water to populations in need.


In 2010, Volvic “Drink 1, Give 10” North America campaign announced its new partnership with the Rainforest Foundation US. The campaign helped 10 indigenous groups in Central and South America protect their rights and forests.

As a socially engaged brand and for the 4th consecutive year :
in the US and Canada, Volvic kicked off a new Drink 1 Give 10 campaign in partnership with the Rainforest Foundation in 2011.

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Drink 1 Give 10 History

The 1 liter for 10 liter campaign began in Germany in 2005 and over the past few years has raised approximately $870,000 USD.

In France the “1L = 10L” campaign began in 2006 and has raised in two years approximately $1.2 million USD.

The 1 liter for 10 liter campaign launched in Japan in 2007 raised almost $365,000 USD to eradicate Guinea Worm in the rural areas of Mopti and Ansongo in Mali.

To date, the Volvic “Drink 1 Give 10” campaigns in Germany, France and Japan have raised over $2 million USD to benefits UNICEF water programs.

In the U.S and Canada, for each liter of Volvic bottled water purchased between April 1 and August 31 in 2008 and 2009, Volvic made a donation of five cents to the U.S. Fund for UNICEF to provide 25,000 vulnerable children and women in rural communities with improved access to water supply and sanitation facilities in or near their homes and schools.

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